The Idea

America was built by innovative makers and entrepreneurs, problem is we don’t use our hands anymore. It’s time we revive and celebrate the spirit of the American maker.

ScopeCreative Direction, Design

Interactive print ad

Using SnapTag technology, this print ad series lets viewers go directly to online Craftsman Club videos for how-to-make tutorial videos.

Make it machine

Sometimes we need a little inspiration before we can start making. The Make it Machine is a Facebook crafting game that generates shareable projects.

Maker's holiday

On social media we'll declare a maker's holiday to celebrate American makers throughout history. These posts will lead to special Craftsman sales on the web.

Make it database

The Craftsman website will house the largest database for makers. Complete with tips, schematics, instructional videos, and links to the tools to make anything.

Build it shelter

Incomplete experiential bus shelters will be stocked with tools and supplies. The first maker gets glory and Craftsman prizes.

Model kit billboard

Remember the 1960's Mustang kit you made as a kid? These parts may be bigger, but with the right tools, it's all still the same.

More Work

Craftsman      PlayStation      3D Work      Design Work     Digital Work      Travelocity

Craftsman    PlayStation    3D Work    Design Work     Digital Work      Travelocity