The Idea

Who better to be the voice of PlayStation’s next social campaign than the most loyal fans — the trophy hunters, cosplayers, and lore masters? PlayStation’s social channels will become a network for gamers, by gamers.

ScopeCreative Direction, Design

The Gauntlet

An audition to become one of PlayStation’s next social stars. A microsite will aggregate a player’s trophies, playtime, and social following into a profile page.

VIP lens

Our top Gauntlet influencers will get backstage access to E3 and other gaming events. They’ll also get products before they launch for exclusive unboxing videos.

Bounty Hunter

Bounties are placed on our Gauntlet influencers’ PSN names during Twitch streams, players who beat them can claim prizes by tweeting at us.

Meme Mondays
Fanart spotlight
Highlight reels

3D printed trophies

A social challenge to obtain the hardest PlayStation trophies. Gamers that claim the digital trophy and announce their victory on social media will receive an actual trophy.

ARG Launches

Alternate reality game content to launch new game titles. Social clues become real breadcrumbs that lead to exclusive launch events and prizes.

More Work

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Craftsman    PlayStation    3D Work    Design Work    Digital Work      Travelocity